{ P A U S E } inJoy Dynamic Tapping

What is Dynamic Tapping?

Dynamic Tapping, created by my teacher, Patti Penn, and featured in the Heal Documentary, represents Pause inJoy's evolution of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).  As a Pause inJoy Reiki Master Teacher, I incorporate this distinctive method, which blends EFT with the supportive energy of Reiki. This unique fusion creates an intimate and sacred space for healing, guided by the intention to 'Pause in Joy.'

Dynamic Tapping involves tapping on specific meridian points while vocalizing statements to release emotional blockages and neutralize negative emotions. Going beyond traditional EFT, it integrates Reiki energy, allowing for a deeper release and healing experience.

While similar in approach, Dynamic Tapping distinguishes itself through the added layer of Reiki energy, fostering a profound connection between the facilitator and participant. This method aims to address past influences on present behaviors, paving the way for new possibilities in the future.

It is recommended for individuals actively committed to their healing journey, offering valuable support even for those without a clear understanding of underlying issues. Dynamic Tapping allows us to let go of traumas, restrictions, and limitations, promoting forgiveness for ourselves and facilitating healing across all layers of our energetic system.

What to expect?

Releasing what no longer serves you can lift a weight off your shoulders and open up new possibilities in life. With Dynamic Tapping, we focus on the emotional impact on your body's energetic system to help you tap into your inner strength and gain a fresh perspective.

Before your 90-minute tapping session, we'll chat via email to identify the core issue you'd like to address. During the session, we'll use neutralizing statements repeated out loud, starting with simple emotions and working towards deeper feelings. You'll be encouraged to speak your truth without any fear of judgment, and all emotions are welcome.

After your session, you can expect to feel lighter, with newfound clarity and a deeper connection to yourself. Unlike traditional therapy, which often focuses on unpacking life's narratives and storylines, Dynamic Tapping helps tune into the raw energy underlying negative emotions and their expression.

The intimacy of a Dynamic Tapping session allows for powerful connections to be made and emotions to be released, all while being guided by Reiki. The safe and nurturing space creates an environment where honesty is key to uncovering the energy behind your emotional charge. Please note that participants must be over 18 years old. Please send an email to book a Dynamic Tapping session.