Sound Healing Meditation 

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The noise of everyday modern life drowns out parts of ourselves with mind chatter.  Meditation is medicine for the mind that allows us to tune in and be fully present, injoying an experience beyond the mind. Meditation leads to greater ease and joy in our life because we are more able to hear the subtle messages, become aware of aspects of ourselves, and notice the feelings and thoughts that have been pushed aside. 

Sound has been used for healing since ancient times around the world. Sound Meditation is a subset of nada yoga (sound vibration yoga) where a variety of sounds are directed towards the body to calm the mind, move energy and facilitate healing. The instruments  used produce harmonic overtones and emit many frequencies at once.  The music lulls people into a trance like meditative awareness, relieves stress, clear chakras and creates a feeling of lightness in the body.  The harmonic ratios found in the overtones are also found throughout nature, the primordial vibration of Earth.  Listening to overtone emitting instruments during a sound healing meditation allows you to vibrate in harmony with the natural rhythm of life.  In this state, our body is able to enter deep state of restoration, heal past traumas, connect with Spirit, create inner peace and calm, and many intangible benefits and shifts.

Benefits of sound healing meditation:

What to Expect

Each sound healing meditation starts with clearing the space energetically.  Each participant will be given the opportunity to be smudged to clear their energetic field.  There will be a brief introduction on the benefit of sound and an overview of the sound meditation experience.  The journey will begin with pranayama (breathwork), setting of intention and a guided meditation before progression into sound journey using overtone emitting instruments and vocalization inducing a meditative state (gong, crystal singing bowls, Native American flute, buffalo drum, ocean drum, steel drum, rain stick, bells, tingsha, koshi chimes,  mantras, medicine songs and vocal toning).  During the sound experience the instruments are charged with reiki so the healing music can be received by the participants.  The participants will be gently guided out of the meditation into waking consciousness ending with affirmations and mantras. 

How to Prepare

Local Sound Meditations/Book Private Session

Local community sound healing meditations will be held in a private residence in Lafayette, CA.  Please email to book a private session or click on calendar/events for scheduled public events.