Pause inJoy Reiki

What is Reiki?

Reiki is best understood through experiencing it. The term "Reiki" is derived from two Japanese words: "rei," meaning Spiritual Conscious Energy, and "ki," meaning life force energy (known as prana or chi in other cultures). Reiki is the harmonious union of these two energies, which allows for healing and transformation. During a Reiki treatment, the body's energetic system is balanced, promoting physical health, reducing inflammation and stress, and encouraging regeneration and healing. Additionally, Reiki treatments are deeply relaxing and can lead to profound transformation and spiritual epiphanies.

However, it's important to note that Pause in Joy, the philosophy developed by my teacher Patti Penn, goes beyond the typical Western interpretation of Reiki as an alternative healing modality. Pause in Joy teaches students how to interface directly with Spirit and empowers them to clear and clean their unconscious behavior, repeated patterns, and unaware beliefs. Due to the rigorous training required of Pause in Joy students, Reiki treatments are often more intense and awakening. This approach is significantly different from the typical Western approach to Reiki.

What to Expect in a Reiki Session?

Reiki treatments can be performed in person or remotely. During an in-person session, the client is fully clothed and may be seated or lying on a massage table with their eyes closed. The practitioner gently lays their hands on or above various parts of the body, including the chakras or energy centers. Clients are guided to focus on their breath and may experience warmth, tingling, or other physical sensations, as well as vivid images, memories, or visions.

Reiki is safe for all ages and can be used to address various physical and emotional needs, including preparing for surgery, recovering from surgery, complementing cancer treatments, managing allergies, addressing infertility, managing autoimmune conditions, and coping with anxiety, stress, grief, and other emotional challenges.

All Reiki sessions must be booked by the participant themselves, except in cases where the client is under 18, in hospice, or incapacitated. Remote distance appointments are available via WhatsApp, Zoom, or Google Meet. Clients are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing, get a good night's sleep, eat lightly, and bring water.

In-person or remote session for 75 minutes, $222. 

Reiki for kids/teens sessions for 30 minutes, $55.

I understand that financial circumstances may vary, and I strive to make my services accessible to everyone. I offer a sliding scale for those who may need financial support. Please reach out to discuss sliding scale options and find a suitable arrangement for your needs.