Pause inJoy Dynamic Tapping

What is Dynamic Tapping?

Dynamic Tapping is Pause inJoy's evolved version of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), designed to help release emotional blockages and diffuse the emotional charge in the body's energetic system. By tapping on specific points along the meridians while repeating statements, this technique can help neutralize negative emotions, including inherited beliefs and survival mechanisms that limit or diminish us.

It is recommended for anyone actively engaging in their own healing journey, especially those who are aware of specific issues that may be blocking their path to experiencing more ease and joy. However, even if you don't have a clear understanding of the underlying issues, Dynamic Tapping can still be helpful.

Our emotions are a natural part of our human experience, and when freely expressed or experienced without judgment or attachment, they flow fluidly throughout the body without negatively impacting our health. However, when we hold onto fearful or negative emotions, they disrupt the body's energetic system, creating stress, hormonal imbalances, and depleting the brain chemicals required for happiness.

Our survival mechanism is wired for fight or flight, leading to hyper-vigilance and ruminating on minor frustrations rather than letting go and marinating in the awe and joy of living. Inherited beliefs that limit or diminish us also disrupt our energetic system.

Dynamic Tapping allows us to let go of traumas, restrictions, and limitations, serving as a form of forgiveness for ourselves. It moves through all layers, including those shielding the core issue that creates the emotional charge, and neutralizes it.

As a Pause inJoy Reiki Master Teacher, I am attuned to energetically tune into the core issue, even if it's protected by layers that are sealed or guarded, allowing for a deeper release and healing.

What to expect?

Releasing what no longer serves you can lift a weight off your shoulders and open up new possibilities in life. With Dynamic Tapping, we focus on the emotional impact on your body's energetic system to help you tap into your inner strength and gain a fresh perspective.

Before your 90-minute tapping session, we'll chat via email to identify the core issue you'd like to address. During the session, we'll use neutralizing statements repeated out loud, starting with simple emotions and working towards deeper feelings. You'll be encouraged to speak your truth without any fear of judgment, and all emotions are welcome.

After your session, you can expect to feel lighter, with newfound clarity and a deeper connection to yourself. Unlike traditional therapy, which often focuses on unpacking life's narratives and storylines, Dynamic Tapping helps tune into the raw energy underlying negative emotions and their expression.

The intimacy of a Dynamic Tapping session allows for powerful connections to be made and emotions to be released, all while being guided by Reiki. The safe and nurturing space creates an environment where honesty is key to uncovering the energy behind your emotional charge.

The initial 90-minute session, including email exchange, is priced at $300 for either Zoom, WhatsApp, Google Meet, or in-person sessions. Subsequent 60-minute sessions are priced at $200. Please note that participants must be over 18 years old. Please send an email to book a tapping session.