What is Pause in Joy reiki?

Reiki is best understood experientially. Rei means Spiritual Conscious Energy and ki means life force energy (prana/chi). Reiki is the harmonic union of spiritually guided life force energy, allowing healing and transformation. 

Reiki treatments are considered to be deeply relaxing, a state of divine inner peace.  Spiritual Conscious Energy goes where it needs to in the body -- balancing the body's energetic system to help prevent physical ailments, reducing inflammation/stress, and promoting regeneration/healing. They can also be profoundly transformative, leading to epiphanies or choosing by the soul to embark on it's life mission. 

Pause in Joy is significantly different than reiki performed in the West which has often been reduced to an alternative healing modality. Pause in Joy philosophy teaches students the empowered path to interface directly with Spirit and requires students to energetically clear and clean unconscious behavior, repeated patterns and unaware beliefs. Due to the rigorous training required of Pause in Joy students, reiki treatments are often more intense and awakening.

What to Expect in a Reiki Session

Reiki treatments  can be performed in person or distance. In person treatments are on a massage table or seated , fully clothed with eyes closed. The practitioner gently lays hands on or above the body (not physically touching) to cover various parts of the body including chakras/energy centers.  The client is guided with breathe and may feel warmth, tingling or other physical sensations including vivid images, visions, or  memories.

Reiki is safe for all ages and can be used for various physical and emotional needs (from prepping for surgery to post surgery, complementary treatment for cancer patients, allergies, infertility treatments, auto immune conditions, endometriosis, anxiety, stress, grief after loss or divorce, etc.).

All sessions must be booked by the same person participating unless under 18, in hospice or incapacitated. Remote distance appointments are available on WhatsApp/Zoom/Google Duo. Recommendation to wear comfortable clothes, get a good night's sleep, eat light and bring water.

Although no fee is charged for the session, love offerings are welcome.