Dynamic Tapping

Dynamic Tapping is Pause in Joy's evolution to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).  Points along the energetic superhighway of the body, meridians, are tapped on while repeating statements to release emotional blockages and diffuse the emotional charge. Emotions that are freely expressed or experienced without judgment or attachment flows fluidly throughout the body without negatively impacting health. Emotions that are fearful or negative disrupt the bodys energetic system by creating stress, hormonal imbalance, depleting the brain chemicals required for happiness, etc.

We are wired for fight or flight, to defend against loss of life or injury. This survival mechanism creates a hyper vigilance which often manifests as ruminating on minor frustrations experienced, rather then letting go without attachment and marinating in the awe and joy of living. Inherited beliefs that are limiting or diminishing also disrupt the energetic system. Dynamic Tapping allows letting go of traumas, restrictions and limitations; a form of forgiveness for yourself.

Dynamic Tapping moves through all of the layers shielding the core issue creating the emotional charge and neutralizes. Being attuned as a Pause in Joy Reiki Master Teacher allows energergetically tuning into the core as the layers may be protected from deeper issues that are sealed or guarded.

What to Expect?

Letting go of what doesn't serve you, a lightness of being and zooming out to a different perspective that brings more joy and alignment.

Unlike traditional therapy, the narrative or storyline is less important than the gravity of the emotional impact on the body's energetic system. Information is gathered through an extensive email exchange, prior to the tapping session, to get to the core of what we will be tapping. Reiki guides the entire session, from email excavation to tapping, and creates a safe and intimate space for energetic connections.

The tapping session is created around neutralizing statements that are said out loud and repeated, moving like a wave from simple emotions to difficult admissions.

There is no judgement for speaking openly and freely, all emotions welcome, as honesty is necessary to peel back the layers through stream of consciousness and tuning into the energy creating the emotional charge. The inheret nature of a Dynamic Tapping session creates an intimacy where the participant  is led on a journey to make connections, release emotions, and shift blockages.

Initial Dynamic Tapping session is 90 minutes on Zoom/WhatsApp/GoogleDuo or in person (including emails) cost $250. Subsequent sessions are $200.

Please email to book a tapping session, must be over 18.